Energy and sustainability features are standard in every home we build!


1. Radiant Roof Sheathing

Reflective insulation provides greater comfort in your home while substantially reducing energy costs and investment dollars needed for heating and cooling equipment.

Reflective insulation utilizing lightweight metalized film has virtually endless applications for keeping heat in or out.

2. Air Infiltration System

Broadstreet Homes has developed a comprehensive air infiltration system so that you are comfortable no matter what room you are in or what the weather is outside. 

By using less energy for heating, cooling and water heating, our homes can deliver 20% to 30% savings on annual utility expenses.

3. Energy Efficient Hot Water Tanks

Installation of energy efficient hot water tanks are included in every one of our homes and are up to 25% more energy efficient.

4. Programmable Digital Thermostats

Designed the way you live your lifestyle.  Use pre-programmed settings to make your home more comfortable and to help reduce your heating and costs by up to 30%.

5. Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Installation of water efficient fixtures provide better performance than conventional fixtures without sacrificing performance, while saving as much as 50% in water and heating costs.


6. High Performance Low E Energy Star Windows

Advanced technologies, like protective coatings and improved frames, help keep heat in during winter and out during summer.

Blocking damaging ultraviolet sunlight helps to prevent discoloring of carpets and furnishings.

7. Complete Water Management System

Water management practices and materials help to protect your home from water damage and reduce the risk of indoor air quality problems.  Our process starts from the beginning with the proper grading and moisture barrier to protect the foundation from ground water.  

All roof systems are professionally designed to allow the water to drain to the correct location and be directed away from the home.

8. Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is used in all of our homes resulting in up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs.  

Efficient bulbs use a fraction of watts compared to incandescent bulbs and save up to $40.00 in electricity over the lifetime of the bulb.

9. High Performance HVAC

Professionally designed engineered systems with sealed duct lines and damper controlled air flow  are installed to allow your home to be more energy efficient.  

In return, allowing your system to use less energy, operate at reduced noise levels and improve the overall comfort of your home.

10. Advanced Steel Framing Structure

Our homes are built to out last the competition.  Our engineered structural steel homes produce less than 2% waste compared to 28% wood framed homes.  Our steel framing does not shrink, split, rot, twist or crack.  Our homes do not absorb moisture, do not attract mold and are impervious to termites.

Our steel structure homes are non-combustible leading to lower homeowner insurance rates.

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